Saturday, September 4, 2010


My sister's baby shower was today :)
After the shower I went by the mall to pick up my engagement ring(i had to have it fixed because i have almost broken part of it off several times).  Well I had to take back something so that I would have enough money, but the stupid bitch at the store wouldnt give me cash back, instead she put everything back on the card and so i wasnt going to be able to pay for my rings because it takes "3 to 4 business days" to go back on there. 
So i had to call my mamaw and have her bring me the other half of  the payment.  So while i was waiting on my mamaw and the other people to get there (we were going to eat) Rachel (my cousin) wanted me to go ahead and run her home because her mom was wanting to bring her son back home because her mom and dad had something to go to.  So by the time i took her home and got back to the mall, they were already there waitin on me.  Me and mamaw went up to the jewlers and paid for the ring and then we left.
We went to Olive Garden to eat.....THEY HAVE THE BEST COFFEE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!!...I am soo not a coffee drinker. If i do drink any coffee its usually a frozen mocha frap from starbucks.  But i HATE hot coffee!!...Jessica (my cousin who came in from Pigeon Forge for the baby shower) on the other hand LOVES coffee.  So i ordered my diet coke { :) } and was just eatin a 1 bread stick when jess got her coffee.  She was like " oh my gosh!!..this is good coffee! " so i asked her if i could try hers.
OH MY GOD!!!! i dont even know how to explain the taste of this!! have to use milk and sugar you're like my mamaw and all you drink  is black  lol.....
Regardless if you're a coffee drinker or not, you SERIOUSLY need to go to Olive Garden and at least try one cup!!!!

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