Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Life.....

Hey all!!
*I have never really done a blog before, so please just bare with me as I get used to this :).
*I have a wonderful life with an amazing husband. His name is Josh.
*Im Ashleigh by the way :).
*My mom and dad split up when I was 2, and my mom married Phil, who adopted my brother Joshua (19) and me(21).
*Phil is my dad...and I wouldnt have that any other way :).
*My father's name is Eddie. After he and my mom split, he married a woman named Angie and they had Stephanie who is 15 now, I think.  (Her mom doesn't let her see any of us.  She doesn't even know she has brothers and a sister). After the split up, he married, and is still married to, Carol. They had Spencer (9) and Levi "Stormy" (3).
In 6th grade i met a girl named Lisa who became my best friend.  
*The summer before our 8th grade year she moved back to Texas with her mom and brother.
*Then in the middle of our 8th grade year, she ended up moving in with my family and we got custody of her.
*She was married for about a year and then divorced (he was an ass)...and just recently got remarried to Adam.
*I am going to be an aunt soon :)
*Lisa is having her first child.  His name is going to be Jackson Eli.
*I just recently quit my job and so now josh is the only one working and it is really stressful on our marriage sometimes.   But we are learning on how to deal with that stress.
*I just recently turned 21.  
*I got to spend my birthday in Florida with my cousin (who is one of my best friends).
*She just moved back to Tennessee about a month ago and we have hung out so much. 
*I am going back to college to become a special education teacher. 
*My senior year of high school I started working in the special education class and I fell in love with those students.
*I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher, from the time I was like 5 and I would line all my dolls and stuffed animals up and "teach" them.
*My parents are very supportive of my decision, which is very important to me.
Im not really sure what else to write about..lol..so bye for now!

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